Have you downloaded our free materials?

When it comes to the new energy label, you don’t have to look far and wide to find the information you need. Designed with retailers in mind, our website features an excellent range of resources. From videos to infographics, the Label 2020 website has everything you need.

You can find the entire list of free downloadable resources on  our retailer resources page, but for a quick overview, keep on reading.

Labelling guide for online retailers

Not sure where to place the label should go or which arrow format is most appropriate? This guide gets into the nitty-gritty so you don’t have to worry about it, including useful examples to get you started.

Leaflets for your staff and customers

If you are looking for a general guide or product-specific information to share with your customers or staff, consumer leaflets are the way to go. Complete with tips for buying the most efficient products and more, these 4-page A5 colourful PDF’s do all the explaining: 

  • ‘From A to G: The new energy label makes choosing appliances easy’
  • ‘Information about the new energy label for televisions and electronic displays’
  • ‘Information about the new energy label for fridges, freezers, and wine coolers’
  • ‘Information about the new energy label for washing machines and dishwashers’
  • ‘Information about the new energy label for light sources’

Social media graphics

For something more appropriate for social media channels and websites, why not try out the free graphics? Not only can they be used as standalone images, but they can also be turned into GIFs for something more animated. The only thing you need to remember if you’d like to capitalise on these – to use the tag #EnergyLabel!

Introduction video

Short and snappy, the YouTube video clearly communicates an overview of the new label in an easily digestible format. Share this colourful video with your audience so they can get up to scratch with the changes.

Arrow graphics

When you list your products be sure to include the arrow graphics, mandatory for online selling. These quickly communicate to your consumers the energy efficiency of home appliances, making it easier than ever to identify the most efficient green appliances.

Consumer FAQs

Many of the most common consumer questions have already been answered, and they are available within the consumer FAQs. This helps to put any uncertainty to bed and give consumers the power to make informed purchasing decisions.

Guidelines for retailers

Last but certainly not least, the LABEL2020 guidelines for retailers covers everything you could think of and acts as an excellent manual. Share with your staff or colleagues to be sure they have everything they need to in one place.


Don’t forget to look at the Label 2020 website for all the latest news and updates, and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay in the know.