Understanding the new energy label: double labelling

Why are there two different energy labels with my product?

Over the last 20 years, the energy efficiency of products has improved. This means the information on the energy label needs to change to ensure it can continue to help you find the best products. As the new information is phased in, there will be a short time where products may feature both the old and new labels.

Why do the two labels show different information for the same product?

The new label will show different energy ratings for your product. This may seem strange but the new label has been updated to take into account how you use your products at home, as well as providing more detailed information on other features of the product. This will give you a more accurate and realistic idea of how your product will perform over its life.

If you have any questions relating to your product, contact your retailer or manufacturer.

For further information about the energy label changes, check the information in our The New Label section or visit our Facebook page.

Download the leaflet here. (PDF, 155 kB)