Green procurement
for professional buyers

The UK’s regulations for energy labelling aim to promote the adoption of more efficient products. It facilitates the UK’s transition to a revised UK labelling scheme, in which, thanks to the ever-increasing industry innovation and test methodologies, product and efficiency standards have been driven ever higher. This action promoted by UK government aims to have a two-fold effect: firstly, drive manufacturers to create and market more efficient goods, and secondly help consumers to make increasingly conscious and environmentally friendly choices, thanks to a more effective, innovative, and complete labelling system.

In this transition process, these guidelines are aimed at minimising the errors that could arise for you as procurement professionals in both the public and private sectors. The importance of organisations with large purchasing capacity like yours, is that demand generated has the potential to influence the production of goods and services with a lower environmental impact.

Download the guidelines for a complete overview of how the energy efficiency labels can help you find the most efficient products.

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