Light sources

When will the new rescaled labels be provided by manufacturers/suppliers and when must they be used in stores and online shops?

New light sources placed on the market after 1 October 2021

From 1.10.2021

  • Dealers must show the new products with rescaled label on the packaging in stores and online shops.

Light sources already placed on the market before 1 October 2021

18 months transition period from 1.10.2021 to 31.3.2023

  • Products already placed on market before 1.10.2021 may still be sold with the old label visible on product packaging until 1.4.2023.
  • Manufacturers, on request by the retailers, must provide stickers with the rescaled label and related product information sheet for products in their (retailers’) stock.

As of 1.4.2023

  • The old label shown on the packaging or attached to a product must be covered by a sticker of same size with the rescaled label.
  • New product information sheet must be provided.

You can find a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about light sources labelling on our FAQ section